pmtuviz visualize the PMTU tree from scamper outputs. Hops are aggregated if adjacent hops belong to the same AS and have the same MTU and the RTT difference is less than 35ms. A node is labeled with AS number, RTT, and AS name but a label is omitted if a node has the same AS number and similar RTT (< 35ms) with its parent node. The position of a node on Y-axis roughly corresponds to its RTT.

Links are colored with red for PMTU > 1500, with black for MTU = 1500, with blue for 1280 < PMTU < 1500, with light-blue for PMTU < 1280, and with gray for unknown PMTU.

Nodes are colored with orange for APNIC addresses, with green for ARIN addresses, dark red for LACNIC addresses, with purple for RIPE addresses, and gray for IANA or unknown addresses.

In the following graphs, the targets are divided to APNIC, ARIN and RIPE by their IPv6 addresses. Note that IPv4 graphs are also divided by their corresponding IPv6 addresses.

ALL: IPv6 (eps), IPv4 (eps)

APNIC: IPv6 (eps), IPv4 (eps)

ARIN: IPv6 (eps), IPv4 (eps)

RIPE: IPv6 (eps), IPv4 (eps)